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is a marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer

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David Hastings Marine Science is a marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer. He landed on the shores of Tampa Bay in 2000 to teach marine science, environmental science, and chemistry at Eckerd College. Dr. Hastings started this adventure studying chemistry at Princeton University and received his Ph.D. in chemical oceanography from the University of Washington. His primary research interest is paleoclimatology, understanding the history of past climate changes as revealed in ocean sediments. David Hastings Professor also studies the impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on ocean sediments and microplastics in the marine environment.

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December 11, 2020

Marine Science Specialist Dr. David Hastings Explains How Growing Dead Zones Are Suffocating The Oceans

Dr. David Hastings, a Florida-based marine science expert and ocean advocate outlines the increasing risk to marine life posed to the world’s oceans by dead zones. Regions of the ocean starved of oxygen, so-called “dead zones” have more than quadrupled in size since the middle of the last century. Posing a significant risk to marine […]

December 1, 2020

Dr. David Hastings Illustrates The Devastating Impact Of Ocean Acidification On The World’s Oceans

Dr. David Hastings, a retired college professor and marine scientist from Florida, sets out a worrying overview of the impact of ocean acidification. Every time we burn coal, oil, or gas to produce electricity, power our vehicles, and heat our homes we are burning carbon which emits carbon dioxide. While most of the colorless, odorless […]

David Hastings
September 29, 2020

Marine Science Expert Dr. David Hastings Outlines Lasting Impact of Plastic on Ocean Environment

The impact of plastic waste on the world’s oceans is proving to be both devastating and potentially incredibly long-lasting, according to Dr. David Hastings, a marine science expert from Florida. From the entanglement and starvation of marine mammals, sea turtles, and other species, to the pollution of remote and otherwise pristine environments, Dr. Hastings provides […]

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