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is a marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer

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David Hastings Marine Science is a marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer. He landed on the shores of Tampa Bay in 2000 to teach marine science, environmental science, and chemistry at Eckerd College. Dr. Hastings started this adventure studying chemistry at Princeton University and received his Ph.D. in chemical oceanography from the University of Washington. His primary research interest is paleoclimatology, understanding the history of past climate changes as revealed in ocean sediments. David Hastings Professor also studies the impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on ocean sediments and microplastics in the marine environment.

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Is Marine Science a Good Career?
December 27, 2022

Is Marine Science a Good Career?

Marine science is an area of study that covers a variety of fields, from oceanography to marine mammal training. If you’re considering a career in marine science, here’s some information to help you get started. Aquarists care for captive fish and marine mammals in aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and research facilities Aquariums, zoos, theme parks, […]

David Hastings Marine Science
December 2, 2022

What State Has the Best Marine Biology Program?

Several states have some of the unique marine biology programs in the country. If you’re pursuing a career in marine biology, you should be aware of the top programs in each state. University of Oregon Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Oregon Coast, the University of Oregon is home to one of the top […]

David Hastings Marine Science
November 17, 2022

Why Should I Study Marine Biology?

If you study marine biology, you will learn more about the world of marine science and become more knowledgeable about it. It will also help you to have the opportunity to perform research and job duties. In addition, it will allow you to earn a good salary. Writing and communication skills Having good writing and […]

October 27, 2022

What Is the Difference Between Marine Science and Marine Biology?

The differences between marine biology and marine science are numerous. The two fields study the biology and ecology of the marine environment. Marine biology studies the behavior of ocean organisms. For example, kelp, sea grass, and coral reefs are ecosystem engineers that reshape the marine environment, creating habitat for many other species. Seabirds While there […]

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